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can we talk about how absolutely stunningly goRGEOUS HARRY LOOKS HERE ?!?! his long hair all full and curling a bit is so BEAUTIFUL ON HIM. like….. he’s always gorgeous. but sometimes he’s just EXTRA GORGEOUS 



i just died and went to hell



i want to know the story behind this gif what has harry seen to make him go from happy frog to NO so fast


there was a sign telling him to cut his hair :)

christinamackenzie: What a giggle…@harrystyles pretending to be pregnant with me 4months pregnant and not looking it..thanks for looking out for me!#4monthspregnant #harrystyles @athinaandrelos

louist91: Look who came to visit me ! @harrystyles


why do y’all forget that Liam saved his best friends life


I want another 1dday but with five separate streams where we get to choose which boy we get to watch doing whatever they want to do so I can watch zayn sleep for five hours

british fashion icon



a very small sampling of harry’s fashion influence aka harry did it first

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nothing’s more annoying than when someone tries to tell me something about one direction and they feel the need to go “umm…the one whose name is…harry?? I think??” It’s 2014 you know who harry styles is get a damn job